Training & Consultation


El Paso, Texas, is a growing metropolis with a great need for licensed mental health providers. WellMind is proud to assist in the support and supervision for those working towards their Texas license as a licensed psychologist (LP) or licensed psychological associate (LPA). We have also provided proctorships for those working on their doctorate towards becoming a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). Choosing WellMind for your internship provides you an opportunity for growth with in-depth trauma treatment, diagnostic interviews, psychological evaluations, and learn supervision skills. We provide weekly didactics and supervision. WellMind employs three Licensed Psychologists, all with varied experiences and backgrounds providing you with the breadth and depth of experience needed to work independently. 



Dr. Johnson is trained and certified in EMDR therapy and is board certified as an Approved Consultant by EMDRIA. She was trained by Rick Levinson, LCSW; and has received additional training directly by Kathy Steele, Dr. Ignacio Jarero, Dr. John Hartung, Dr. Dolores Mosquera, and Dr. Andre Monteiro. Most importantly, she has engaged in hours of consultation with her notable mentor, Dee Blinka, LCSW, ACSW, BCD. 

Her trainings include the required supervision and consultation needed for EMDRIA certification (fee is $90/hour). By the end of your supervision, you will know the basic protocol inside and out; have other protocols to use as options; have access to all additional EMDR materials and research needed for advancing your skills; be able to detect, assess, and treat dissociative disorders; and feel confident, comfortable, and capable in providing EMDR as a therapeutic treatment for various conditions.