An investment in your mental wellness is considered invaluable. Our providers have invested in their own education, supervision, and training to help you become your best self. There are several options you have to pay for your treatment to include self-pay, private insurance, and health savings account. In addition, the Crime Victims’ Compensation (CVC) Program helps crime victims and their immediate families with the financial cost of therapy. 

WellMind is paneled with Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Cigna, Humana, Medicare, Optum, Tricare, TriWest, and United Healthcare. Your insurance plan may also include Out Of Network benefits. Ask about a Single Case Agreement if we do not take your insurance. 

WellMind is on several private insurance panels. Please contact your insurance prior to scheduling with us to determine your financial responsibility. Our self-pay rate for an initial therapy session is $240. One-hour sessions are $185. Contact our office for price for half and full-day intensive trauma treatment sessions.

Psychological Assessment

Our evaluations are thorough, conducted by a team, and include individualized recommendations based on your needs. Evaluations for Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia are not covered by insurance. Prices range depending on the type of test and involvement. Please contact us for more information. 


WellMind  offers neurofeedback and sLORETA training to accommodate your individual therapy. A qEEG brain map is $600. Additional to the mapping and interpretation, we include cognitive performance tests, personality assessment, and symptom questionnaires to obtain a comprehensive evaluation of your symptoms. We offer in-person individual neurofeedback sessions that last 45-60mins. This therapy is rarely reimbursed by insurance. The VA covers neurofeedback training and brainmapping 100%. We will submit your claim as a courtesy; however payment is due at the beginning of your session. A course of treatment (pre- and post-brainmaps and 20 neurofeedback sessions) is $3700. We take HSA, Care Credit, and credit card payments.


your questions answered

We do! Please remember that providing therapy for children and teens may involve family. We keep our sessions confidential and will discuss with your child what things we cannot share and what things we must share. Always, the child will know what we talk about prior to involving the family. Parenting and family systems is a vital part of your child’s wellness. 

It depends. We offer couples counseling and that would constitute seeing both you and your partner. As much as we know you believe in your therapist, we also know that your therapist’s role is just for your personal therapy. There are times when your therapist may offer a joint session for the betterment of your therapeutic goals and, at that time, you both will discuss what will be shared. We have clear boundaries and roles at WellMind.

Your provider takes showing up for your session very seriously and we expect the same in return. We have a strict no-show and late cancellation policy. We understand there are interruptions in life; however, our expenses continue. We never double-book your appointment so that hour is solely for you. We will charge your card on file a $185 fee if you do not show for your appointment or fail to cancel your session prior to 24-hours of your appointment. We also charge half the assessment fee if you do not show for your scheduled testing as those 4 to 6 hours were blocked solely for your testing.  We send courtesy emails two days prior to your scheduled appointment and you can opt-in for a text reminder as well.

Yes! We have been offering autism evaluations since 2016. Dr. Johnson worked as a special education teacher, autism specialist, and a school psychologist for years with the Socorro Independent School District. Our evaluations come from in-depth knowledge and experience with autism. We specialize in differential diagnosis and understand the differences that girls and adults present on the spectrum too. We offer this testing to ages 3 and up. 

We all dissociate to some extent. Think about the time you were in a boring lecture or meeting and “zoned out.” Dissociation occurs on a spectrum and is totally adaptive. Traumatic events can instigate dissociation to protect your system; however, after the event(s), your nervous system has learned to respond in a new way. This can cause problems later on when you are triggered by something similarly, even if that something is somewhat safe and innocuous. Dissociative identities can form after traumatic upbringings. Providers at WellMind are trained in dissociative disorders and can help you begin to become more self-aware and learn to use these identities to help you.

Intensive sessions are usually half to full day therapy sessions and can occur over a number of days. Some individuals prefer to work through several adverse events in their life in one setting rather than over several sessions that can last months to years. Contact our office to see if you are eligible for our intensive format. Please be mindful that insurance does not cover intensive formats and they will be billed at our standard rate.