WellMind providers know that reprocessing trauma takes more than changing your thoughts and we take your treatment to the next level. We help you find the infection by identifying core negative beliefs chained to adverse experiences in your life. We offer a mind-body approach as 80% of reprocessing occurs at the subconscious level. We offer EMDR therapy, ego-state interventions, Gottman Couples, hypnotherapy, DBT, mindfulness, biofeedback, and psychodynamic and insight therapies. 

psychological assessment

We provide comprehensive testing and individualized recommendations based on our findings. We assess for Autism from ages 3 and older. Other psychological evaluations include differential diagnosis, learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, and personality disorders. We also provide speciality evaluations like Fitness for Duty and Surgical Readiness.


Neurofeedback is like a gym for your mind. It helps to reduce over-reactivity, improves insomnia and headaches, helps to calm the overactive mind, and is helpful for depression, ADHD, anxiety, and trauma. Our patients love neurofeedback and so will you!

behavioral therapy

We now offer Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy to all ages and conditions. Behavioral therapy can help eliminate unwanted behaviors and increase the likelihood of desired behaviors. Our licensed behavior analysis is a true gem with helping you change your and/or your child’s (or partner’s) behavior. 

training & consultation

Dr. Johnson has provided supervision for licensure as a psychologist since 2016. She is a Licensed Psychologist and maintains her LSSP (Licensed Specialist in School Psychology). Dr. Johnson also is an Approved Consultant with EMDRIA and board certified to provided training and consultation for those seeking certification in Eye-Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy. We currently have positions for psychometricians and pre/postdoctoral interns. WellMind is a training site and also has positions for LPAs , LMSWs, and LPC-As