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We believe in your resiliency

Your body keeps the score when it comes to all the battles you have endured. The awful mood swings, anxiety, numbness, pain, sleep disturbance, and avoidance can greatly impact living a fulfilled life. Learn more about yourself, reprocess the past so that you are no longer residing in it but rather referencing it, and learn how to manage and even resolve your difficulties so you can live the life you deserve.

Dedicated to Serving the Needs of our Community & Beyond

At WellMind, we truly believe in your resiliency to overcome turmoil. We understand that asking for help can be very difficult. Many things that are kept tucked inside, haven’t yet been explored and are “stuck” and continue to affect us physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. You may have difficulty concentrating, mood fluctuation, and you harbor pain and even detachment within the mind and body. We are here to help facilitate your processing of the past so it no longer feels present.

Offering virtual & in-person sessions

confidential & comfortable

We learned through the pandemic that virtual therapy has been just as successful as in-person. We provide most of our services face to face; however, we still offer virtual therapy upon request.

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