stephanie meléndez valero, m.a., m.s.

Mrs. Meléndez Valero is a doctoral resident completing her required experience at WellMind. She anticipates completion of her Doctoral degree (Psy.D) in October 2022 from Carlos Albizu University in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She’s already accomplished two Masters; one in Clinical Psychology and the other in Educational Neuroscience.

She has completed her doctoral coursework to include certificate courses in Cognitive Processing Therapy and Prolonged Exposure for PTSD, domestic and intimate partner violence, and substance use treatment. She has a passion for working with family systems. She also is skilled at working with individuals who have medical conditions suffering from chronic pain, trauma, anxiety, depressed mood, and personality disorders.

Mrs. Meléndez Valero provides therapy to the LGBTQIAA community presenting with mental health concerns. She is trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, social skills training, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy.

Her current research is on integrating mindfulness with CBT for depression in those with Multiple Sclerosis. She is trained in administering psychological evaluations to include differential diagnosis, recommendations, and an explanation of your personality.