Psychological Assessment

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You’ll find the psychological evaluations conducted at WellMind focus on your strengths and how those can assist you with the issues presented. Our evaluations are comprehensive and provide a thorough background; and may include tests such as symptom questionnaires, personality, and/or assessment for cognitive processing depending on the question at hand.

cognitive processing

Assess how you process information whether it is your memory, attention and concentration, or cognitive issues such as intelligence and/or dyslexia. We also provide differential diagnosing for those who believe they exhibit symptoms of ADHD.


Personality assessments can identify pattens of relating to yourself and others and how these characteristic can impact relationships. These tests describe how your pattern of behavior may affect your treatment progress in therapy and provide recommendations to mitigate these risks.

fitness for duty & Surgical readiness

We conduct evaluations for positions of authority and responsibility such as customs border patrol, peace officer, pilot, and evaluations needed to maintain state license for those who provide direct patient care.


Whether you are a toddler, child, or and adult, we assess for patterns of behavior more likely associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our staff have years of experience working with individuals on the spectrum in different capacities.

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