Marisol lara, lcsw

Marisol Lara is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is bilingual in both English and Spanish. She has a Master’s in Social Work obtained from the University of Texas at El Paso. She was inspired and motivated by her older sister who also has a background in social work. Marisol has over 16 years of working with diverse populations of all ages in the medical setting, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies to include, at risk youth, adult offenders, and the aging.

She is knowledgeable in crisis intervention and providing mental health support for those dealing with depression, anxiety, and trauma. During Marisol’s time as a medical social worker, she was able to engage in implementing crisis intervention as needed for suicidal patients, and survivors of trauma.

While in the hospital setting Marisol was given the opportunity to provide support and counsel to the survivors and families during the tragedy of the August 3, 2019, shooting in El Paso. Marisol was also present to support families impacted by COVID-19 pandemic dealing with loss of family members and patients with limited support and resources. 

Marisol continues to provide support as needed to the aging population coping with loss, trauma, and mental wellness. She will continue to utilize the cognitive behavioral frameworks to guide her work with clients and will continue to advance her knowledge in this area. She is a firm believer in starting where the client is at and looks forward to supporting them in their journey. Marisol believes in the power of vulnerability and understands it takes courage to rewrite your story.