Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Bambi Depew is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Supervisor for Social Worders, and a Licensed Dependency Counselor. She specializes in the treatment of mood disorders, trauma, substance use, and dual diagnoses. Bambi is trained and certified in EMDR therapy. She is bilingual in Spanish and English and uses an eclectic approach depending on her patient’s needs and interests. 

Bambi also works with the Department of Defense helping soldiers in their recovery from substance use and trauma. Her experience and knowledge is reputable in the community as she serves as a supervisor for other clinical social workers. 

Whether you are suffering from a recent traumatic event, needing coping skills, having difficulty with substance use, experience depressed mood and/or anxiety, or suffer from a dissociative disorder; Bambi is fully committed to assisting you in your growth and recovery. She also offers intensive half-day to full-day treatments upon request.